Our vision, mission and core values are the guidance to our day-to-day activities. 



Preserving our earth and water resources for future generations 

In our globalised economy, water is of high necessity. The biodiversity and resilience of our aquatic ecosystems are under pressure. Across our seas and oceans, products are transported constantly. Our seas seem unmeasurable, but they are not. Total quantities and volumes of marine water are limited. Our fresh water resources are very limited.    

Bio invasions are one of the major threads to our nature and biodiversity. Annually, sea-going ships transport billions of tonnes of ballast water and organisms across the globe. In this way, millions of alien species are introduced unintentionally. The risks for our nature resources, economy and health are considerable. The maritime industry faces an enormous challenge to prevent further spread and introduction of exotic species. MEA-nl and its team has been a global leading player in this field for many years.   





To assess and to challenge water treatment, so that it takes place in an effective and responsible manner.  

Since the year of 2017, treatment of ballast water is obligatory for sea-going ships. In this year, the Ballast Water Convention of the IMO entered into force. Two principles are crucial within the convention. First and foremost to prevent further harmful bio invasions. However, unacceptable damage because of water treatment must be prevented.

MEA-nl has more than 15 years of experience in the global area of ballast water treatment.

Preventing the introduction of exotic species is not limited to shipping. For example, within the shellfish industry, the amount of regulations is also increasing. And, neutralising (micro)organisms is a concern in many other industries and areas. Neutralisation of bacteria, fungi and viruses are a major challenge for many manufacturers of water treatment. The agricultural, swimming and drinking water sectors all make use of technologies similar to the most commonly used in the maritime industry: chlorine, UV and ozone.

We want to make our knowledge and experience of water treatment available for a wider range of water treatment technologies.



Core Values

Core Values


Independent and well-founded

A test facility must be independent at all times. Within science, there is less room for fundamental (basic) research. Many research institutes operate on the basis of both private and public sector financial support. MEA-nl is a commercial test facility. But, we are firmly founded on scientific knowledge. Proceeds and income of our projects are continuously invested in our test facilities, laboratories and applied research. Our team has a solid and wide-spread knowledge of biology, chemistry, analytical methods and technology. As test facility, we are keen on being independent, and to remain independent.      


Decisive and pragmatic

Operating in a global market is demanding. Regulations, especially global and regional maritime regulations, are complex and dynamic. We have an active role in the policy making arena in the IMO, the UN regulatory body of shipping. Besides this, we are represented in for example Global Testnet, the global branch organisation of test institutes to control the risk of bio-invasion and harmful species introductions by shipping.

Because of our position in the international arena, we continuously monitor new policy developments. When carrying out a type approval project, we are able to apply current regulations, and anticipate future policy developments.


Every project is a dedicated project

Besides looking for pragmatic ways to comply with regulations, we listen very carefully to your demands as customer. We are flexible and knowledgeable to facilitate a challenging test configuration for your water treatment. Testing, at all times, serves a purpose. A purpose to lead a test project to success in a transparent manner. Flexibility has always been, and will be, our key to success.  


One and one makes three: greater than the sum of the parts

A strong team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our people and expertise originate from a wide variety: science, maritime technology, shipping and the NGO sector. Within our daily work, everyone is an important link. The regulatory demands are high, diverse and subject to change.

Continuous quality control and assurance are our ‘permit to operate’. The applicable ISO and other laboratory quality demands are means for continuous improvement of our performance. Quality demands and critical questions keep us sharply focused.


Continuous renewal and improvement

From the year of our establishment, we continuously work on improvement, renovation, innovation and renewal. Our mobile test facility the MEA-Innovator started its first tests tests in 2012.

Our mobile laboratory on the MEA-Innovator transferred in 2018 in a hydro-biological laboratory at our premises in the port of Den Oever. And, our laboratory facilites continue to grow. In 2019, our microbiological laboratory has started. Within this laboratory, high efforts are made to validate numerous bacterial analytical methods.

In the case of succesful validation, these analyses will be available for a wide range of water treatment applications.