The VIDA (Vessel Incidental Discharge Act) test will be the replacement of the VGP (Vessel General Permit) test. This test is obligatory for vessels which sail on the waters of the United States of America and must be conducted yearly. MEA-nl does not only conduct these analyses on your ballast water, but also on greywater, blackwater, bilge water and scrubber washwater.

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Before a Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) is put in use, biological commissioning tests have to be done in the harbor. After those tests are done, it has to be proven that a BWMS complies with the requirements of the VIDA test, formerly VPG test. To meet these requirements of the VIDA test, ballast water has to be sampled and analyzed two times in the first year after installation. If sampling results are below permit limits for two consecutive events, sampling may be reduced to one time per year. However, if the vessel exceeds the limits, it should return to monitoring twice a year. The VPG or VIDA analyses should be conducted on Total Heterotrophic Bacteria, e. Coli and Enterococci. For the BWM systems making use of active substances, additional analyses are required, depending on the type of BWMS and active substances. More information can be found in a brochure from the EPA. Besides ballast water, the VGP test also requires sampling and analyses for bilge/oily water separator effluent, greywater, blackwater and scrubber.

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MEA-nl is a Dutch company specialized in multiple marine water tests besides the VIDA or VGP test. Our team is experienced and provides you with the latest information on guidelines and legislations having to be met on your vessel. It is to be expected that in 2022, the VPG test will be replaced by the VIDA. Although the expectation is that this will be very similar to the present VGP, it is not sure yet what is going to change concerning sampling, analyses and intervals. Once we know what the change will bring about, we will inform you on the changes. Get in contact with us by calling us on +31 (0)227 – 60 82 93 or by sending an e-mail to We will provide you with the latest information and possibilities. washwater. Those analyses can also be conducted in a mutual consultation.

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