Water treatment installations often start with a bright idea. The silver bullet for all types of water is still not there. In our workshop and lab, we can conduct in mutual consultation bench-scale tests on components and complete installations, including filtration techniques. This enables you to convince yourself that every step has the desired effect. Finally, full-scale tests can be conducted on board our Floating Test Facility.

Water can be treated for many reasons. MEA-nl has conducted tests and analyses on swimming pool systems (UV, Chlorination), filtration techniques, cooling water systems, ozone cleaning systems and many others. We can pump large volumes of water, challenge your treatment system, take samples and conduct analyses to measure the effectiveness of your treatment.

Although MEA-nl started with testing of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS), we have conducted many other projects as well.


Filtration is often a major step for water treatment. It has often proved that filtration of seawater is complex. Where in wastewater plants the contents of the water is often known, for seawater this is unpredictable. Large variations of the effluent water are caused by biological effects. This depends on the area (up-river of mid-ocean), depth of the water (shallow, sand or clay), weather conditions (stormy and turbulent), tidal effects (in/outbound and water depth), seasonal effects (high organism load), stickiness of the components (slime algea).

This all effects the filtration, but even more important the ability of the filter to clean itself. On ambient water, we can challenge your filter under different conditions. For this purpose, we can also augment the water with even more challenging components.

Swimming pool systems

Similar to BWMS, testing of swimming pool systems can be conducted on board our test facility. We have large tanks, capable of dealing with large volumes of water. Traditional chlorination systems may have an effect on human health and UV systems or others may be used for this purpose.

After all tests, tanks are cleaned by our staff to ensure that there will not be any contamination. MEA-nl is able to test this kind of systems in mutual consultation.

Cooling water systems

The exchange of heat is an important vector in the growth of organisms. Cooling water systems are ideal locations to hide for organisms and to spread unwanted.

In our tanks, we can simulate a flow and in consultation adjust heat as required.

One stop shop water analyses

MEA-nl can offer you all kinds of tests and water analysis, but our strength has to be to translate your demand into a useful, practical and cost-effective solution.

With the many environmental regulations that have arisen the last decades, ballast water represents another challenge to be covered. We provide a ‘one stop shop’ service for your demands and like to pick up the challenge with our test facility, laboratories and our wide-spread network.

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