Prior to use on board, all ballast water management systems (BWMS) have to go through biological commissioning on behalf of the flag administration. Often this test is performed by the classification society. For most classification societies, the specialists of MEA-nl can take the samples and conduct the analyses as required. We can do the biological commissioning test in the harbors that are shown on the map below.

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Biological commissioning tests are conducted after installation on board

Each BWMS goes through biological commissioning after installation on board, prior to its use. Those tests shall be conducted on the vessel prior to the start of the operations (IMO BWM.2/Circ.70). The professionals of MEA-nl carry out operational tests to show compliance with the discharge standard D2 commissioning. We will take samples from the uptake and discharge of the ballast water in accordance with the Guidelines on ballast water sampling (G2). Samples will be taken and analyzed accordingly. Biological commissioning will often be part of the statutory surveys and requested by class. We can work for most of the classification societies as we have a proven track record in this field of expertise. Commissioning tests can be conducted in the Le Havre-Hamburg range; including the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Bremen. If requested beforehand, drinking water tests can be conducted in a mutual consultation.


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