Coorperation between MEA-nl and Cathelco started in 2016.  Over the course of three years, a comprehensive, intensive, and, succesfull process of Land-Based and Ship-Board test followed. Leading us to several North-European Ports.   


IMO and ETV TA test series for the Land-Based ‘tier’ were executed during the test seasons of 2016 up to 2018. The Ship-Board tests brought us to several Danish ports where we tested the Cathelco system under challenging circumstances. 

The Cathelco Evolution system is the current name of this BWTS.  

Project summary

Project name Ship-Board testing for land-based TA
Client Cathelco
Type of system UV & other BWT
Performed by MEA-nl Land-based TA testing, Ship-board ETV & IMO
Relevant regulations IMO, ETV
Date of completion Mid 2018

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