Coorperation between MEA-nl and Erma First started in 2016. In the following years, two Type Approval Projects for two different filter systems have been completed successfully. Eventually leading to US Coast Guard approval for two different Erma First BWT systems.
The first MEA-nl activities for Erma First Type Approval started in the beginning of 2016. Subsequent test cycles with waters from all salinities (marine, brackish & fresh water) led to US Coast Guard approval in the fall of 2017, besides IMO TA approval, that was granted earlier.

MEA-nl is also involved in testing the Erma First BWT with a second alternate filter. In this way, MEA-nl has contributed significantly to this TA approval of the first electrolysis BWT system by US authorities.

Project summary

Project name US Coast Guard Type Approval
Type of system Filtration and Electrochlorination
Performed by MEA-nl Land-based tests for two BWTS (original and alternate filter system)
Relevant regulations Generic Protocol For The Verification Of Ballast Water Treatment Technology (ETV Protocol, 2010)
Date of completion 2017

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