The operation of a filter is crucial for successful water treatment. In case of a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), a filter highly influences the second treatment step. Consequently, the entire operation and success of the whole system depends on filter performance. MEA-nl’s extensive experience with adding natural sediment has proven to be very valuable for filter systems within and outside of the BWTS industry. 

Screen sizes of commonly used water filters can vary from around 5 to 60 micron or larger. Flow rates of various filter applications also show large differences. MEA-nl has accommodated multiple filter tests for major filter manufacturers that are active in the ballast water treatment. MEA-nl has also performed filter tests outside of the ballast water industry, such as the offshore and dredging sector (Van Oord).
In close vicinity of MEA-nl, there is an abundant supply of natural sediment and organic material in Lake IJssel, Wadden Sea and North Sea. This is shown in a wide variety in Total Suspended Solids (TSS) we can offer during each test project. Consequently, we can accommodate every possible test to challenge your filter system. Our co-operation with Dutch dredging industry partners like van Oord also provides continuous input about the functioning of filter systems.

Project summary

Project name Filter Performance Tests
Client Various BWTS filter manufacturers, van Oord
Type of system Filtration with various mesh sizes
Performed by MEA-nl Filter efficacy test on-board of our Test Facility
Relevant regulations Ballast Water Convention and customer’s demands
Date of completion 2012 – 2018 and continuing

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