Co-operation with DAMEN started in 2015. Along with other project partners, MEA-nl met the challenge to treatment ballast water at the same flow rate as the ship’s de-ballasting rate. A highly innovative project with several regional project partners. The result: an on-shore BWTS that is able to operate in ports around the world. 

The DAMEN BWTS makes use of filtering and UV treatment. Biological efficacy (10- 50 micron size class) was tested and proved to be within the D2 discharge standards of the Ballast Water Convention (BWC) and the (former) G8 guidelines. The BWTS proved to be capable of operating reliable and consistently during the regular operational conditions of a sea-going ship.
With the DAMEN BWTS, a good alternative is created for ships that are –temporarily or permanently- not in compliance with the BWC. This is a dedicated project which both shows MEA-nl’s creative and innovative approach.

Project summary

Project name Ship-Board Verification BWTS InvaSave 300 DAMEN
Client DAMEN, Waddenfonds, Wagenborg and Groningen Seaports
Type of system Filtration & UV
Performed by MEA-nl Ship-board Verification D2 standard
Relevant regulations IMO and former G8 Guidelines
Date of completion March 2017

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