Potable Water Testing

Potable water testing


Specific requirements for drinking (potable) water are challenging and appears to be a jungle. Most flag states have developed their own set of rules. All our tests will be conducted by our qualified personnel who will be using suitable, ISO confirmed methods accredited by our own independent laboratory. As with all procedures taken by our personnel we follow ISO and/or Dutch/European legislations.

 The GGD Amsterdam (as Ship Sanitation Inspection) requires having the drinking water sampled and analysed at least once a year as above. In general, there are no min/max criteria for detection. A ship must show its certificate with the appropriate analysis. A deviation from this general rule concerns temperature and Legionella analysis.

Sampling your potable water tanks

Onboard will be taken multiple water samples. Samples will be taken from the potable water tank, the tap furthest away from the potable water tank and from the medical area, if pipelines run to this area.  If cold water exceeds 25 degrees or if hot water is below 50 degrees, additional Legionella testing will be taken.



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