Invasive species can do potential harm on an ecosystem level. Also the smallest life forms as bacteria and viruses (pathogens) are an invasion risk. This may threat the bio-diversity, but can also be a vector for the spread of diseases as Vibrio Cholerae and other pathogens. The analysis of microbes is the challenge of our microbiological laboratory.

Microbes and bacteria important regulatory focus 

Type Approval (TA) of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS), Ship Compliance BWTS tests and other tests such as VGP. All these regulations and procedures urge for a thorough analysis of bacteria and microbes.

BWTS Type Approval projects

Both the IMO Ballast Water Management Code and the US ETV protocol require bacteria and microbes to be analysed. For the many TA projects we conduct, we aim to increase our knowledge in this field and, ultimately, to facilitate all these tests ‘in-house’ at our Micro-biological lab.

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Micro-biological analyses 

Our main focus for micro-biological analyses is on indicator microbes analysed in accordance with the ISO and EPA standards as applicable. This includes, but is not limited to heterotrophic bacteria, E. coli, enterococci, Legionella, V. Cholerae

All analytical techniques are subject to Quality Assurance and validation. If necessary, we will make use of our network of third party laboratories to fulfill your demands.

Growth to other areas

Neutralization of living organisms in water is not restricted to BWTS and the shipping sector only. Agriculture, the leisure industry (swimming water), drinking water and the (shell)fishing industry face similar challenges. This is also the focus area of our Micro-biological lab.
Our track record includes projects in the leisure industry, a nd the shell-fish industry. Our services are available for a wide list scope of water and treatment applications.