Hydro-Biological Laboratory

Over one and a half decade, our Hydro-Biological lab has been the ‘beating hart’ behind all our activities. A fully equipped, state of the art laboratory at our premises in Den Oever (upper North of the Netherlands) where we conduct a wide variety on both organic, anorganic, biological content and chemical analyses. As a global player in Ballast Water Management (BWM) analysis, we are keen on maintaining and expanding our reputation in this dynamic area. But, our future goals and ambition reach further.


A deep search for aquatic life

Testing the effectiveness of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) of ships on all salinities (matrices) to prevent the spread and effects of invasive species. A major, world-wide challenge. Geographically, because ships operate globally and in all possible sea and coastal locations. But it has also led us deep into the search for life in our waters. What, in terms of biology, ecology, chemistry and the physical, makes organisms survive? To distinguish between life and death, viable and non-viable organisms. Our Hydro-biological lab provides answers for those questions.

Wide analytical variety

The list of water parameters that decide survival of aquatic life is long. The content of our analytical methods reflects this variety. Our water analyses ‘at a glance’:

  • Biological analyses: Survival and mortality of organisms: in the enormous groups of species of our surrounding waters we sample and analyse all species of 10 microns up to everything larger than 50 microns, including zooplankton and phytoplankton. For every possible salinity (matrice), fresh, brackish and marine waters;
  • Hydro-related analyses: all non-living materials decisive for biology: from the rich variety of solids in our sediment-rich surrounding water, from chemical compounds to (non)dissolved organic materials and nutrients. We can conduct all related non-biological parameters our Hydro-biological lab, or cooperate with our lab network if your demand requires so.

Click here for our accredited analyses by the Dutch Accreditation Council

All above mentioned water parameters have fundamental effects on the effectiveness of water treatment as a whole. This is why this lab is called hydro-biological lab.

Evolution of analytical methods  

As one of the leading and long-experienced test facilities for BWTS, MEA-nl has the ambition to improve the analytical methods in this field. This part of science is relatively young and requires state of the art techniques.

An example is embodied in our focus on the application of flow cytometry (FCM) in ballast water analyses. The emphasis here is on reliability and high certainty.

Click here for our IMO policy input in this field.

All analytical techniques are subject to Quality Assurance and validation.

Growth to other areas

Neutralization of living organisms in water is not restricted to BWTS and shipping only. Other industries like agriculture, the flower bulb industry, the leisure industry (swimming water), and the shell-fish and fishing industry face similar challenges. This is also the focus area of our Micro-biological lab.

Our track record includes projects in the leisure industry and the shell-fish industry. Our services are available for a wide list scope of water and treatment applications.