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MEA-nl (Marine Eco Analytics) is a commercial and independent test facility and with two laboratories.  Globally, we are one of the key players in the field of ballast water treatment for sea-going ships. MEA-nl uses naturally available, ambient water for all its testing purpose. An important mission for the forthcoming years is to expand our activities both within the ballast water industry and other water treatment purposes.

Mother Nature is our guide

Using natural water for our testing is part of our DNA. Many members of the MEA-nl team have been involved with ballast water testing for more than 15 years. From the very start, it has been our conviction that natural water offers the best challenge for a ballast water management system.  Because of MEA-nl’s strategic location in Den Oever, it can make use of three types of naturally available ambient water from three enormous bodies of water. Fresh (from Lake IJssel) , brackish (from the Wadden Sea) and salt (marine) North Sea water.

MEA-nl’s ‘Flagship’: Test Facility Barge The Innovator

With MEA-nl’s test barge the MEA Innovator and laboratory, it can test every ballast water technology to any technical required or requested parameter. With this Test Facility, water and required sediment can be taken in from the three natural water bodies. On-board and after taking samples to our laboraties, MEA-nl distinguishes the highest technical performance possible.

 Expanding ‘web of lab’s’

Because of the many complicated regulations and guidelines on a global (IMO) and regional (US Coast Guard & EPA), some analyses have to be performed by third party laboratories. MEA-nl works closely with a significant network of (micro)biological, chemical and other laboratories. This network of co-specialists expands sectoral and geographical boundaries and continents. We work with partners on both the North-American, European and Asian continent.

Growing sector of Ballast Water Management

With the world swiftly proceeding the first years in the implementation of the Ballast Water Convention (BWC), MEA-nl continues to focus on our specialism: Type Approval (TA) projects for the IMO Ballast Water Management Code  ((BWMS Code, Res. MEPC.300(72) and the US EPA ETV protocol 2010. Jointly with Lloyd’s Register as independent laboratory, MEA-nl has assisted the Erma First BWTS  for both IMO and ETV Type Approval. In total, MEA-nl’s team’s experience and reputation goes back over 15 years, and encompasses more than 25 BWT projects.

Our expanding activities outside of TA scope includes:

  • Pre Test programmes prior to Type Approval: to ensure that a Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) works efficiently and smoothly during comprehensive, lengthy TA projects.
  • US Vessel General Permit (VGP) tests based on the VGP 2013 to ensure a vessel is allowed entry in US waters with an effective BWTS system.

MEA-nl’s management system

MEA-nl’s management system is certified by Lloyd’s Register according to ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory

Following our acrreditation by the Dutch Accreditation Council, MEA-nl performs the following analyses:
  • Determination of the content of insolubles at our laboratory
  • Filtration of insolubles at our Test Facility Barge, determination of the content or insolubles at our laboratory
  • Quantitative determination of the density of ciliates (10-50 microns) in water

A further description of this scope can be found here.

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