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VGP/VIDA Testing

Testing ballast water, grey water, bilge water and/or scrubber washwater to meet U.S. legislation

Potable Water Testing

Testing potable water resources to ensure safe drinking water

Biological Commissioning Testing

Testing ballast water systems on board prior to use to ensure correct operation

Type Approval Testing

Testing a ballast water treatment system before introduction to the market


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Research & Development

Learn more about our ongoing projects and developments in the ballast water treatment sector

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Floating Test Facility

Our main test facility is located on an inland barge. Tests can also be conducted in the workshop ashore. The barge gives us maximum flexibility to make use of ambient marine, brackish or fresh water for testing purposes in large volumes of water.


To conduct analyses, MEA-nl has it’s own lab in the port of Den Oever, where we conduct hydro- and microbiological analyses. For shipboard tests we will take our equipment to the vessels to do analyses on site.Ā