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What is in your water? Which organisms and organic content is present and in which quantities? A dazzling list of possible parameters: like plankton, bacateria, sediments, solids and organic materials. As MEA-nl, we represent more than 15 years of analytical experience of naturally available water. Analyses can be conducted on water of all matrices (fresh, brackish, marine). We ensure a realistic and challenging test for your water technology or demand. 

MEA-Innovator: our test facility

Testing of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) is our main activity. Over the past 15 years, we have been challenging and testing BWTS according to the global (IMO) and North American (US Coast Guard) regulations. Ensuring the provision of BWTS for all 50,000 sea going ships world-wide is the challenge we are part of. Protection of the biodiversity of our oceans and coasts is our ultimate goal.   

Your dedicated water lab

MEA-nl (Marine Eco Analytics) is a commercial and independent test facility with two laboratories. Globally, we are one of the key players in the field of ballast water treatment for sea-going ships. MEA-nl uses naturally available, ambient water for all its testing purpose. An important mission for the forthcoming years is to expand our activities both within the ballast water industry and other water treatment purposes.

ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory

Following our acrreditation by the Dutch Accreditation Council, MEA-nl performs the following analyses:
  • Determination of the content of insolubles at our laboratory
  • Filtration of insolubles at our Test Facility Barge, determination of the content or insolubles at our laboratory
  • Quantitative determination of the density of ciliates (10-50 microns) in water

A further description of this scope can be found here.

Ballast Water analysis

MEA-nl has been performing Type Approval (TA) projects for ballast water treatment systems for more than 15 years. This included more than 30 ballast water treatment systems. 

Besides this, we are able to perform Vessel General Permit sampling on-board of vessels. We have already succesfully performed VGP analyses for vessels using ballast water treatment without use of active substances (such as UV treatment).

Maritime solutions

Prevention of invasive species also priority in shellfish industry

It is well-known fact that the shell-fish industry contributes significantly to the world-wide introduction of harmful species. National and regional (European) regulations have been established to regulate this major ‘vector’ of invasive species. Another industry area where MEA-nl aims to make its contribution to the protection of our worlds’ oceans, rivers and coastlines. 

Fishery solutions

Control of clean and safe swimming water

As an alternative to chlorine, UV water treatment has increased as a swimming pool water cleaning method. MEA-nl has performed a project to further improve UV application.

Leisure solutions

Team MEA-nl is dedicated to your water analysis challenge What’s your water challenge?

At MEA-nl, a dedicated team of water analysis specialists is at your disposal. What can we achieve for you?

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