Your dedicated water lab

MEA-nl (Marine Eco Analytics) is a commercial and independent test facility with two laboratories. Globally, we are one of the key players in the field of ballast water treatment for sea-going ships. MEA-nl uses naturally available, ambient water for all its testing purpose. An important mission for the forthcoming years is to expand our activities both within the ballast water industry and other water treatment purposes.

ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory

Following our acrreditation by the Dutch Accreditation Council, MEA-nl performs the following analyses:
  • Determination of the content of insolubles at our laboratory
  • Filtration of insolubles at our Test Facility Barge, determination of the content or insolubles at our laboratory
  • Quantitative determination of the density of ciliates (10-50 microns) in water

A further description can be found on our certificate of the RvA and our scope can be found here.

Test Facility

With our test barge the MEA-Innovator we facilitate the intake of natural water from all three salinities, in order to enable us to meet any regulatory and customers’ demand.

Hydro-Biological Laboratory

Our Hydro-biological lab is a fully equipped, state of the art laboratory where we conduct a wide variety of both organic, anorganic, biological content and chemical analyses.

Microbiological Laboratory

As a vital part of Type Approval and Ship Compliance BWTS and VGP testing, the analysis of bacteria and microbes is the core competence of our microbiological laboratory.